Sanitise Bedding Conditioner


Sanitise Bedding Conditioner is a housing and bedding conditioning solution to promote a dry hygienic environment in the bedding of all livestock.

The importance of a dry lying area is the foundation for success in the fight against disease causing bacteria which are present in the animal lying areas, due to leaked milk, uterine discharges, urine, faeces, animal perspiration and humidity. Inhibiting the multiplication of harmful bacteria will help counter the threat of mastitis and high cell counts on dairy farms.

Sanitise Bedding Conditioner is composed of high absorbency mineral clays, vegetative ingredients and essential oils, and is:

  • Highly absorbent.
  • Neutralizes the animal lying area ensuring it is kind to sensitive skin.
  • Absorbs ammonia odours – enhances air quality.
  • Includes essential oils with natural antibacterial properties and gives a refreshing odour and a neutralizing effect on ammonia which in turn will help to reduce respiratory problems.
  • Contains a hoof conditioner to help counteract foot problems associated with animals standing in slurry and wet areas over long periods of time.
  • Easy to disperse evenly over the target area with an application rate of just 50 grams per cubicle/square meter by hand or VINK applicator.

Use Sanitise Bedding Conditioner in:

  • Cubicle houses.
  • Straw sheds.
  • Calf pens.
  • Piggeries.
  • Stables.

Environmental mastitis control
Mastitis is the most costly disease to cope with on all dairy farms. A high percentage of mastitis cases during lactation have a direct connection with the hygiene regime in the dry period. Cubicle moisture and bedding contamination are the main factors that contribute to the spread of environmental mastitis. With extended use of cubicles, hygiene is critical.

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