Welmin Dry Cow Elite


Welmin Dry Cow Elite is developed to meet the demands of the high production dairy herd during the dry cow period. It supplies a unique blend of mineral and vitamin supplementation for the developing foetus and ensures that the cow’s immune system is adequately strengthened to deal with the rigours of the calving and transition period.

  • Multi source inclusion of organic and chelated trace minerals optimising bioavailability, reproduction, immunity and performance, backed by worldwide research from leading brands of ingredients.
  • High inclusion of vitamin E, supplying 10,000 iu/kg along with other essential vitamins and amino acids for improved health, immunity, reduced metabolic disorders, e.g . retained placenta, and aiding uterine cleansing post calving.
  • High in magnesium and phosphorous.
  • Multiple organic sources of protected trace minerals.
  • Contains yeast with high concentrations of β glucans and MOS.
  • Immunity booster.
  • Pathogen agglutination.
  • Mycotoxin binder.
  • Improved stress resistance.
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